The Power Of Positive Thinking


Thinking in a more positive way has many benefits. Writers, from Rhonda Byrne in “The Secret” to Norman Vincent Peale in the 1952 book, “The Power of Positive Thinking” have written that the mind can shape the result through focusing on the desired outcome instead of that which it does not want. Many people stay stuck in jobs they hate and in lives where they are unhappy because they miss some simple concepts. 

The Law of Attraction, the concept is that by focusing on certain thoughts, either positive or negative, one can bring these into their life.

Attracting the wrong thing By focusing on what they don’t want and not having a clear concept of what they would like to happen, people stay stuck in abusive relationships, dead-end jobs that they hate, or just plain limbo. On the other hand, others seem to miraculously move from one positive situation to another. Life is never static; moving towards or away from the best is a choice that one can make. The following are some powerful steps in thinking positively.

Treasure Maps, vision boards, etc… do they work? One method that is often cited for manifesting positive outcomes is that of making a board with all the things that you desire. Cutting out pictures and pasting them on a dream board is a fun process. Many people have witnessed those pictures taking place; however, sometimes it can take years for the images to manifest. According to Catherine Ponder in her book, “Open Your Mind to Prosperity”, a vision board or wheel-of-fortune can take time to manifest because, as she sees it, “The pictured good comes to pass as fast as the subconscious mind can accept it.”

Getting Clear on What You Want Manifesting is being clear on what is desired. If you want to manifest a new job, making a list of attributes brings it into your mind more clearly. Be open to changing this list as what you seek today may be different tomorrow. Whether it’s a list or a vision board, getting clear about what you want is a very positive step.

Ask for it Either by prayer, imagining, a vision board, visualization, or meditation, asking lets the universe know that you want something. You can also write a letter to the universe; all these actions make clearer what you intend.

Working for it Being positive is not just hoping it will happen. Doing the work towards your goal is also necessary. If you are working in tandem with the universe, there is a better chance of your manifestations happening. Positively taking small actions while working towards goals can also be fun, as the universe responds.

Trusting in the process Some people question whether manifesting works. By struggling and becoming discouraged, they are telling the universe to prove it does not work. What needs to happen is to trust in the universe by repeating a positive affirmation over to yourself, trusting the universe to make it happen. You must repeat that affirmation until you believe it.

When you receive, acknowledge, and say Thank You to the universe Sometimes things come in ways that are unexpected. By learning to recognize these gifts and giving thanks for them, we are acknowledging help from the universe. Anything positive that moves you towards a goal is a step toward making the best happen. Gratitude is very important as a means of more good happening.

Raise your vibration level According to the Law of Attraction, what is sent out is what comes back to you. You have to feel good, whether it’s by watching crazy cat videos on YouTube, meditating, or doing some gardening. Keeping the vibration high is part of attracting good things into life. People who go about feeling miserable only attract more misery into their life. An example of this is Joe: He grumbles and constantly tells associates that he feels that the boss is being unfair. Because of this, Joe has not seen a promotion or raise in several years. On the other hand, Jim is positive and cheerful and wishes that same boss, “Good Morning” every day. He gets the job done and often does more than is needed. He is slated for a promotion and is happy and appreciative. He sees this job as a stepping-stone to having his own business one day.

Clear out resistance If you haven’t yet seen results regarding the outcomes desired, you should ask yourself if you are resisting it. Meditate, breathe and relax, letting it all come about and trusting the universe. If being positive is really difficult, you may need some help, such as with a counselor or therapist.

Positive outcomes Thinking about positive outcomes is the best step in seeing positive results. For example, an artist was engaged in a show of her work at an art fair. Foot traffic was slow and occasionally people stopped to look at her work, but no sales were made. She realized that she was becoming discouraged, so began to do some things to act like she would make sales, such as rearranging things, cleaning glass, writing in her sales book, etc. A short while later, a woman walked up to her booth and bought three paintings without a question. All that time, the universe was working for her, she just had not yet seen it!

The power of thinking positive is based on the law of attraction; many people have said that being positive works. In any case, it feels good to be happy.

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