Jeep Wave Sticker

Origin Of The Jeep Wave

The Jeep has been a symbol of adventure and freedom since its introduction in 1941. With four-wheel drive, a body built for rough terrain, and a folding windshield that offers maximum visibility, the Jeep is the perfect machine for taking on the unknown. Today, the Jeep remains one of the most popular and iconic vehicles in the U.S. market. The Jeep is not just another vehicle for many people, though. It has become a symbol of adventure and freedom for millions of people worldwide who have adopted the "Jeep Wave" to show support for their friends. The origin of the Jeep Wave, or the gesture that shows the word "Jeep's friend" in a circular shape, traces back to a roadside sign that shows four friends traveling together in an off-roading vehicle. The four friends are the first to see the sign and the last to see it again, at the same spot. When one sees the signal, they nod to show that the others were also there. This gesture became a sign of friendship between the friends, and it has been adopted as a friendly greeting by Jeep enthusiasts across the globe.

What is the Official Jeep Wave?

The Jeep Wave is a gesture that Jeep owners commonly use to show their friends that they are one of them. While other vehicles might make a showy one-finger salute, Jeeps make the Jeep Wave to support their fellow Jeep friends. The Jeep Wave is a friendly gesture that uses the Jeep's signature four-wheel drive to show that the waveer is there to help in any trouble the familiar faces. The Jeep Wave is an excellent way of extending a helping hand to your friends.

How to make the Jeep Wave: easy steps

This Jeep Wave gesture is easy to master; simply driving down the road or trail, holding out all five fingers or two fingers and your thumb when one spots another Jeep driver.

Why is the Jeep Wave such a beloved gesture?

People who love the Jeep Wave have shared their love for the vehicle for years. These people often have a deep love for the Jeep, and this feeling has led them to create a wave to show their love for the Jeep. The Jeep Wave is one of the most casual gestures, and it is this same personality has made it so beloved by many Jeep enthusiasts. Sometimes, simple gestures go a long way in showing how you feel for a person or a place, and the Jeep Wave is one of those gestures.

The Jeep Wave Sticker

Today many Jeep owners signal to their tribe with the symbol of the Jeep wave sticker on the back of their driver-side rearview mirror or back window. It says to everyone yes, I'm part of the Jeep world just like you.

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