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Bora Bora One Of The Most Exotic Destinations on Earth

I'm sure you've seen those exotic little huts raised above the crystal clear ocean. Imagine relaxing over the ocean just outside your front door? Welcome to Bora Bora the ultimate vacation destination.

Bora Bora has been on my bucket list for years, which is funny because I've never been a beach lover. Its not just the warm waters you may be hungering for, but the architecture and style of these tropical beauties can be captivating as well. The South Pacific comes to life with the powdery sand beaches and crystal-like waters, beautiful seashells and coral reef beds that are rare in other areas.

Visit The Great House

The Great House is one of the most iconic structures on the island of Bora Bora You will have your own personal bungalow or villa on top of a hill over looking all of Bora Bora I will just let you imagine what your dream view looks like now, with the gorgeous sky, Bora Boran paradise and the blue waters of the atoll. It's time to relax and enjoy life! The Great House is a beautiful home that looks like a tree house, with zoysia grass that is often used in lawns. I love the open air concept of this resort, which gives you a feeling of total freedom.

The Great House has an amazing restaurant overlooking the crystal-blue water and is sure to be one of your favorite spots on your trip. When you want to get out for a night on the town or for a bit of shopping you can easily head over to Tahiti by a short flight.

Throughout our stay at Bora Bora we tried scuba diving for the first time, it was wonderful! We even went paragliding over Mount Otemanu and Oh what an amazing view from above! This truly is paradise on earth. If you are looking for some extra adventure head over to Moorea its only 20 minutes away by helicopter flight, they offer activities like Deep Sea Fishing, Snorkeling & Kayaking Bird watching and more!

Bora Bora

Spend Some Time At Moorea

Moorea, in French Polynesia, is part of the Society Islands and is situated between Bora-Bora and Tahiti. We had heard there were some great activities for kids on this island, such as dolphin tours and jet skiing. Moorea has a very laid back tropical feel to it making it an ideal place to unwind. Moorea is the largest and most densely populated of the Society Islands. Moorea Island has a slew of travelers, but they’re mostly on Jeeps zooming through town. The island was built upon by the French in 1887 who named it after one of their fleet captains, Jean-Baptiste-Anatole de Moore, who was involved in one of the incidents with Great Britain which sparked war between France and England.

Moorea lies between Raiatea and Tahiti to the north and Bora-Bora to the south. It is 8 kilometers wide at its widest but only 2 kilometers at its narrowest. And it’s 932 square kilometers or 407 square miles; that makes it slightly smaller than Monaco or Puerto Rico but larger than Rhode Island and Delaware combined. If you live on Moorea you can fly over your home for free! Just hop on a helicopter which takes off from Bora Bora daily!

Snorkeling in Bora Bora

A Little History

The Society Islands were originally inhabited by Polynesians and the early explorers who arrived to the islands were the French in the 18th century, followed by the British missionaries in 1800. Around 1887, a French protectorate was established over all of the islands with Tahiti as part of its capital. The first English missionary arrived on Moorea in 1893 and full British occupation didn’t last long as a result of international tension but Moorea was never a crown colony. Soon after World War II, the Americans took over from their allies but from 1974, France took back control and then handed all of its territorial possessions over to organized free association. In 1986, Aotearoa became independent and renamed itself New Zealand.

I hope you enjoyed reading about our trip as much as we enjoyed traveling there!

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