5 Lighthouses You Must Visit If You Love Coastal Escapes.

Lighthouses are a symbol of American history and heritage. They dot the coastlines of America, their light burning proudly in the night for sailors to see. These buildings have been around since 1716 when they were first used in Boston Harbor.

Most of today's lighthouses are still active and provide an essential service to ships navigating America's coastlines. In this blog post, we're going to take a look at the ten most beautiful lighthouses in America, so let's get started!

10 Most Beautiful Lighthouses In America

  1. Boston Light:
    George Washington and built-in 1716 commissioned the first lighthouse in America. It's also the oldest continuously operating one that's still standing today.

  2. Portland Head Light:
    This light has been located in Cape Elizabeth, Maine, since 1828. Its design is based on a Scottish castle and is currently the tallest lighthouse in the United States.

  3. The Old Point Loma Lighthouse: 
    This lighthouse is located at Cabrillo National Monument and was designed by Louis Joseph Azarian and completed in 1855. It's worth mentioning that this lighthouse is not open to the public but can be seen from various vantage points near it.

  4. The West Quoddy Head Light:
    This lighthouse has been around since 1890 and sits on top of Mount Quoddy overlooking Bay de Grave in Lubec, Maine. This twin lighthouse was initially built to guide ships away from shoals near the mouth of the bay while maintaining a fixed position above sea level - making it still a vital navigational aid to this day! It was also declared a National Historic Landmark in 1989 because of its significance to American history and culture.

  5. Maine - Portland Head Light:
    Portland Head Light, located in Cape Elizabeth, Maine, is one of America's oldest and most iconic lighthouses. Since then, Portland Head Light was built in 1791 and has been a beacon for sailors. Today, it's operated by the US Coast Guard. It stands at 42 feet tall and emits a white light every 5 seconds. The lighthouse sits atop a 90-foot cliff overlooking the ocean, which makes for an incredible view when visiting.

  6. California - Point Cabrillo Light Station:
    Point Cabrillo Light Station is a lighthouse located in Northern California. It's one of the most scenic lighthouses in America and features a beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean. This building was first lit on November 15, 1855.

    In the 1930s, Point Cabrillo was automated, and now it's one of the few remaining lighthouses in America that still employ a light keeper. Three generations of families have staffed the station since it was built!

  7. Massachusetts - Boston Harbor Light:
    The Boston Harbor Light is one of the oldest lighthouses in America. It was constructed in 1783 on Little Brewster Island, just outside Boston. The lighthouse was closed to the public in 2015 after being deemed too dangerous for visitors.

  8. Rhode Island - Block Island North Light:
    Block Island North Light in Rhode Island is the most photographed lighthouse in America. One of its most notable features is its double staircase.

    In 1879, the original lighthouse was deemed insufficient for the needs of the time, and a new one was built. In 2009, it became a National Historic Landmark after being restored to its original condition. It is currently open to visitors year-round.

  9. New Jersey - Sandy Hook Range Lights:
    This range of twin lighthouses was built in 1867 and helped guide ships into the New York Harbor.

    The Sandy Hook Range Lights are often called "the Twin Sisters" and now serve as a museum, the Sandy Hook Lighthouse Keeper's House and Museum, and a spot for weddings.

    Located near one of America's most iconic landmarks, the Statue of Liberty, these lighthouses can be seen from miles away.

  10. Connecticut- New London Ledge Light:
    The New London Ledge Light is located in Connecticut and was built in 1801. It's also the oldest lighthouse on this list and is the only lighthouse that is still active. It was built to replace an old beacon used to warn ships of the dangerous ledges near the city.

    This lighthouse has a 38 ft. tower and can be seen from 11 miles away. The inside of the building has spiral stairs leading up to the lantern room, made of copper. This lighthouse is lit up each night with a single light that burns at a range of 2-4 seconds every minute, making it easy to spot out in the water.

If you're a lighthouse fan then these are the 10 you should have added to your list. 

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